Sunday, February 26, 2012

Geologists Selling A Prospect Idea

Any geologist who has ever tried to sell a prospect to his boss or supervisor can relate to the following video about selling advertising.  Imagine the first geologists and engineers proposing a "horizontal well", or using "hydraulic fracturing".  I am certain they didn't have an easy time of it.  Yet look how far we have come. 

Watch the following video, I had to laugh and I bet you will too.  I think it is funny.  A geologist must be creative and creativity can sometimes be very difficult to sell.  We all know a snotty little supervisor like the character portrayed by Tom Cruise in the video.  Have a laugh and follow the links.  (oh, and join the Fellowship Of Scientific Truth

The TRUTH About Advertising

Clever, funny, and maybe with a bit of truth. We've all had a boss or a supervisor like young Tom Cruise. Click on the following youtube link.

the truth about advertising.....(funny and clever)