Monday, February 27, 2012

Exposing The Myth Of "Gasland"...It Is Just So Much Flatulence

A hat tip and thanks to Jim Kinser for this link to an important and very much-needed documentary reporting on the positive aspects of hydraulic fracturing.  Almost as important as "fracking" is to the production of oil and gas from "unconventional", previously uneconomic shale rocks is the film's exposure of the notoiously inaccurrate, distorted, inflamatory (pun intended) recent documentary film titled "Gasland".

From Jim Kinser, "FYI, there is also a documentary in post-production right now that claims to present our side of the fracking story entitled FrackNation and is soliciting contributions to finish the project. It's purpose is to counter Gasland's propaganda and deception. Check it out at"

Gasland is, sad to say, is as biased and phony as Al Gore's now completely discredited documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth".  See here for more on Al Gore and his decades-long hoax and pillage of the public's pocketbooks.

This new, pro-truth documentary about hydraulic fracturing sounds like a very worthwhile project and I encourage all who can to support it.  If we don't fight for the truth, who will?  Certainly not the environmental extremists who want to further damage America's economy.

As a personal aside, one of my first jobs in the oil and gas business was the exploration for, drilling and fracking of wells in the Wasatch Formation in Utah's Uinta Basin about 30 YEARS ago!
Pass this around.  People need to know the truth, or at least the other side of the story.

Al Gore should have been exposed and discredited long before he caused so much harm.  Nobel Peace Prize, Acadamy Award?  What a collasal joke!