Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Energy And The Role Played By Natural Gas

We are learning what a valuable fuel natural gas is. It burns more cleanly than oil or coal. The infrastructure to find, produce, and transport it to the end users is in place. Perhaps best of all, we're finding more of it than ever and some predictions are there may be enough to power our economy for 100 years or more.

This abundance is largely due to improved technology enabling the production of gas from tight sandstones and most importantly, shale. This technology involves horizontal drilling, new hydraulic fracturing methods, and the ability to interpret these long, "horizontal" well bores, or as they're called, "laterals".

Natural gas is vital to all aspects of the American economy, and it is not easily replaced.

Natural gas far less carbon (dioxide) emissions that does burning oil or coal.

Petroleum products, coal, and natural gas account for 85% all energy used in America. This can not be replaced by so-called "renewables" in the near term.

Natural gas burns far more cleanly than oil or coal.

Natural gas is the more efficient that oil, coal, or even nuclear energy.

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