Friday, April 24, 2009

Reach Out And Touch Some Marcellus Shale....Quickly

This sounds clever, very quickly drill multiple horizontal wells, in different directions, from the same relatively small drill pad. Minimize surface disturbance, minimize cost, maximize productivity.

Custom Drilling Rigs Used In Marcellus Shale Gas Play

By OGJ editors HOUSTON, Apr. 16 --
Range Resources Corp., Fort Worth, placed in service two custom-designed drilling rigs in the Marcellus shale gas play in Pennsylvania.

The rigs are equipped with crawlers and can traverse a drill pad in a few hours versus days for conventional rigs. The rigs are expected to save time and money as Range drills multiple laterals from the same pad.

The company's 2009 program calls for drilling more than 60 Marcellus wells.

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