Friday, May 1, 2009

BakerHughes Rig Count Map

The following link takes you to a BakerHughes web site where you can view an interactive map showing the location of all wells being drilled in North America, mainly the lower 48 United States. Apparently they don't track Canadian activity.

What is most interesting is the map allows a viewer to differentiate between vertical, directional, and horizontal wells. You can also see oil wells, gas wells, geothermal wells and many other parameters. At the moment 78% of all wells being drilled are looking for gas, 21% for oil, and only 1% for geothermal. Of all the wells being drilled, 40% are horizontal! 385 out of 955 wells being drilled are horizontal. Obviously horizontal drilling is not some kind of short-lived fad.

It seems to me there is a large need for the "steering" of these horizontal wells. Interpreting the data, or logs coming from a horizontally drilling well is very different from that of a traditional vertical well. That is where us few interpreters come in. Contact me if you want to learn more or if you have any comments.

Here is the BakerHughes link:

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  1. Would appreciate the tablet/phone app in Android format