Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Numbers On Coal And Natural Gas

If the use of coal for electrical power generation is banned or heavily taxed, companies will have to use increasingly more "clean-burning" natural gas. More demand for gas will inevitably drive up the price of gas and hence the cost of electricity. This may drive energy hungry industry overseas. The same researchers say the demand for energy will increase, no matter what we do. They also say the obvious, that reducing the use of coal can not have much of an effect on global warming. They also can not see the electrical energy shortfall being made-up by solar and wind energy.
So my question is, what are we doing? Limiting coal derived energy will be good for natural gas producers, but will it be good for America? See the following article published in Science Magazine and found (Here online).


"Although coal-fired plants produce a lot of carbon dioxide, banning them alone won't curb climate change". Photo credit USGS.

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