Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shell To Focus On Natural Gas

Shell has announced they are backing away from (presumably unprofitable) investments in "alternative" energy projects such as solar, wind and hydrogen, and putting their focus, and money into the worldwide development of natural gas. This formal announcement comes as no surprise because it has been coming for some time, see here: "Shell Goes Cold On Wind, Solar, Hydrogen.."

This also indicates (in my opinion) that Shell isn't terribly concerned about any danger of man-caused global warming because of carbon dioxide emissions. It would seem that the thinkers and planners at the world's 2nd largest energy company are in distinct disagreement with the current Administration on energy policy. Shell is forging ahead while the Obama Administration seems to be living in some sort of past dreamland. These are interesting times.

The energy company of the future


Speech given by Peter Voser, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc, at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. on Thursday 8, October 2009. An archived video webcast of this speech will become available shortly.

Amid concerns over energy scarcity and climate change, the wants, needs and aspirations of energy customers are changing. Shell’s response to this challenge is multi-faceted. We develop scenarios and share them with the outside world. We invest more in new energy projects than any other private company and spend more on Research & Development than any of our competitors. We develop new businesses, including in renewable energy. We help motorists to save fuel. And we are increasing our production of natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. The most successful energy companies of the future will be those that stay ahead of the rising aspirations of energy customers, through innovation and by pushing the limits of what is possible. The race for better energy is on and Shell aims to be an industry leader.

This speech is available for online reading (see below) and as pdf download (PDF, 174 KB) - opens in new window. An archived video webcast - opens in new window of this speech will become available shortly via the Woodrow Wilson Center website.

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