Tuesday, January 26, 2010

European Shale Gas

Someone needs to tell President Obama that free enterprise and innovation do far more to stimulate any countries' economy than do government subsidies and "stimulus funding" and hot air.

Realm Energy Makes Aggressive Play for European Shale Gas Deposits

Oil and gas rights could span more than 1.5 million acres (Source)

VANCOUVER, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Realm Energy International Corporation ("Realm Energy") (TSX-V:RLM) (www.realmenergy.ca), is pleased to announce its recent applications for oil and gas rights in multiple countries throughout Continental Europe. The applications were filed following a rigorous evaluation of high potential shale deposits throughout the continent and, if successful, will permit Realm Energy to bring North American technological advancements in shale gas and oil extraction to Europe.

Realm Energy is now concentrating on eight discrete sedimentary basins in seven European countries and submitted applications for oil and gas rights that collectively extend over 1.5 million acres of land. Realm Energy received confirmation of receipt from government bodies that its applications are under active consideration.

"After months of rigorous evaluation, confirmation that our applications are under active consideration is an important step toward our goal of acquiring oil and gas rights over significant lands containing high-potential shale formations," said Craig Steinke, Executive Chairman. "We stand behind our extensive evaluation process and strongly believe that Realm Energy is positioned to maximize the possibility of favorable outcomes from these applications."

Realm Energy is collaborating with Halliburton Consulting ( HAL) in aggressively evaluating high potential shale deposits throughout Europe and select emerging countries. In addition to its filed applications, Realm Energy is evaluating other undeveloped shale plays and intends to make further applications to various governments for oil and gas rights in early 2010.

About Realm Energy

Realm Energy International Corporation is a Canadian domiciled global energy company focused on driving the exploration and development of major shale plays throughout Europe and emerging countries. The Company is in the process of acquiring petroleum and natural gas rights in large contiguous tracts which it has identified as high potential, and is committed to leveraging the most advanced shale technology to bring these resources into production.

Visit Realm Energy's website at www.realmenergy.ca.


Craig A. Steinke
Executive Chairman


  1. Realm Energy also has a blog, you can check that out on their website or at www.realm-energy.com

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