Monday, April 12, 2010

The Real Enemy Of Society: Environmentalists

Read and follow the following hi-lited links by clicking on them to get an idea of the venom behind the rhetoric and ideology of the "green" or "environmental" movement. Their true nature is being revealed as the myth of man-caused global warming crumbles amidst the scandal and corruption exposed by ClimateGate.

Green Hate

The collapse of the global warming cult has greens in a mean mood.

Just a few weeks ago Greenpeace uttered threats against skeptics, and when called out for it tried to spin it before finally hiding the offending article.

Treehugger, a popular hippie hang-out, practically celebrates dead miners:

“…I really don’t care about the miners. If you work for the oil/coal industry you’re working to destroy the environment and you deserve whatever karma throws your way…”

This isn’t some minor phenomenon, calls to jail skeptics come from the leaders of the green movement, who want public trials held, possibly leading to the execution of skeptics.

As the liberal media obsesses about Tea Party ‘extremists’, the real thugs are in plain sight. Funny how that doesn’t make the headlines.

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