Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Natural Gas, A Real "Alternative" Fuel For Vehicles

Natural gas, because of its clean burning characteristics, has long been used to power vehicles such as fork lift trucks inside warehouses.  Consider how clean burning natural gas is, many of us cook our food over natural gas stoves in our enclosed kitchens.  Now that we have an abundance of gas, thanks to the combined technologies of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, why not use this gas to power our cars and trucks, in addition to generating electricity and heating our homes as is already being done.  It makes sense to me and many others.

Now this gas is being used to power vehicles in Louisiana, by EnCana, ironically, a Canadian company.  They produce a lot of gas in Louisiana from horizontal wells drilled in the Haynesville Shale.  (Some of which I proudly helped steer while drilling.)  The following article comes from "The Shreveport Times" and shows and describes what EnCana has going.  This was not done because of Federal government subsidies, or even encouragement for that matter, just intelligent free market enterprise.  Do you hear that Mr. Obama?  This is economic activity, job creation, and wealth building you can count on.  Fire all your current advisers, they don't have any idea what they are doing.

source: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20120225/NEWS01/202250325/DeSoto-LNG-station-first-Louisiana

DeSoto LNG station first in Louisiana

NEAR FRIERSON — A liquefied natural gas fueling station formally opened Friday by EnCana Natural Gas Inc. at the Relay Station holds the distinction of many "firsts." It's the first:
  • LNG station open in Louisiana.
  • Public LNG station in the U.S.
  • Location for Heckmann Water Resources to use LNG trucks.
And when the Relay Station in a couple of months opens its compressed natural gas pumps, the facility will be the first in the state to offer four fueling options: LNG, compressed natural gas, or CNG, gasoline and diesel.


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