Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get In The Oil Business: Making Money From A Distance With The Bakken

I've been following Michael Filloon for a couple of years and he provides some very good, and I think accurate information.  I think that if you want to learn about the oil and gas business it helps to have "some skin in the game".......in other words, invest in the stock of some of these companies.  You WILL follow their ups and downs, and you will read the news, and pay more attention to political issues. 

Then if you're smart and get lucky, you might make some money.  For example, Brigham turned a nice profit when it was bought out by Statoil, and likewise when Petrohawk was acquired by BHP Billiton (?).

This is all a learning experience, for almost everyone.  I appreciate Mr. Filloon's analysis and commentary.

To read all of the following article, go here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/632641-bakken-update-continental-resources-well-results-are-getting-better?goback=%2Egde_156898_member_121215590

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About the author: Michael Filloon

I have done a series of articles covering recent well results by Bakken operators. Information garnered from this shows improvements in 90-day IP rates. The main reasons are stimulation improvements from increase stages and proppant, but these companies are doing a better job in all phases of production. It wasn't long ago we were seeing 10 stage short laterals, and now long laterals with 30+ stages are common place. In my opinion, the two best operators are Kodiak (KOG) and Brigham (STO). It should be noted both have very good acreage positions as well. Kodiak's Polar and Koala prospects are its best, while Brigham's Alger Field acreage is thought by some to be the best in the Bakken. Whiting (WLL) has had some very good completions in Sanish Field, and has been the first to work the Pronghorn. Oasis (OAS) is getting much better, with significant upside in the Camp Field area.
Continental (CLR) may be the best way to follow the Bakken. It has a large acreage that covers a significant area in North Dakota and Montana. Because of this, it has well results in virtually every area of the Williston Basin. Here are its 4Q 2011 and 1Q 2012 well results.

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