Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oil And Gas Industry Jobs: A Huge Positive

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but the oil and gas industry is creating jobs, creating wealth, and making America more energy independent.......all without much government fact, in spite of what the government does.  Compare that to the Billions of taxpayers dollars wasted on failed "green energy" projects (Solar energy boondoggles, wind turbine folly, ethanol production from food sources like corn, and on, and on).  It does make one wonder about our leadership in Washington, D.C.

Need A Job? Energy Sector Producing More Than Oil, Gas

By Velda Addison, Associate Editor

The oil and gas industry supports more than 1.92 million jobs in the US, and it has the potential to create 1.4 million new jobs in the next 15 years.

Jamie Vazquez, president of W&T Offshore, presented the figures during the July 20 Decision Strategies’ Oilfield Breakfast Forum. Her talk was peppered with an array of statistics. There was even more informative data, left for those who attended the event, in the National Ocean Industries Association’s (NOIA) booklet that touted what the American offshore industry can do. Keeping the economy growing, putting Americans to work, and securing a reliable energy future were on the list.

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