Thursday, August 2, 2012

Conserving Water While Fracing

The following link will take you to an excellent article about how fracing is being done with minimal water usage, simply by recycling .  Anyone who has a swimming pool knows the water is kept clean by removing debris like leaves and grass, regularly using  chemicals to kill bacteria and algae, (mainly chlorine), and continually filtering the water.  Basically, the same thing can be done with the water used to frac oil and gas wells.    It may not be "rocket science", but it works, it is safe, and it greatly reduces the amount of water used.  That you can take to the bank and use as one more  weapon against the opponents of fracing.

Water Demands Spark Improved Technology For Fracing
The fracing industry has long considered water a nuisance. But water reclamation and treatment companies see H2O as liquid gold, and the technologies they bring to the game will play a pivotal role in the shale boom.

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