Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bakken Oil Boom Continuing

Until there is a viable alternative to oil, the increase in production all over the United States, not just from the Bakken, can only be seen as good for America.  The following are some of the numbers and facts, from the Federal Reserve Bank of  Minneapolis.  Click on the following link to see more data and graphs.

The Bakken Oil Boom

The Bakken oil boom dwarfs previous oil production expansions in Montana and North Dakota. Explore a range of economic, demographic and financial data for the Bakken, and learn about factors driving jobs and other forms of development in the oil patch of North Dakota and Montana.
Location of oil patch in the Ninth District
Oil Drilling Rigs
June 2012Pct. change from a year earlier
North Dakota20024%
Oil drilling in Montana and North Dakota picked up beginning in 2004 until prices dropped below $60 per barrel in 2008, considered the break-even price for shale drilling and oil production at the time. Drilling accelerated again once oil prices recovered.
Oil production
Data Dashboard
Production (millions of barrels)
May 2012Pct. change from a year earlier
Bakken Oil Counties18.979%
Rest of Montana0.6 -24%
Rest of North Dakota2.0 1%
The Bakken area represents most of oil production in Montana and North Dakota.

The Bakken area

Detailed map of the oil patch in the Ninth District
Oil map thumbnail
Data on Demographic, Economic and Financial Activity in the Bakken [pdf]
This document reviews a range of demographic, economic and financial data for the Bakken. We compare the Bakken with the rest of Montana and the rest of North Dakota, as of June 20, 2012.

More about oil in the Ninth District

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Location of the Bakken in the Ninth District

Location of oil patch in the Ninth District

Jobs in the oil patch

Video: fedgazette Senior Writer Phil Davies talks about jobs in the oil patch

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